Coffee and Cookies Gift Hamper

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Coffee and Cookies Gift Hamper

This Coffee and Cookies Gift Hamper has been specially curated to tingle your taste buds and indulge your senses. It’s a combination of various tastes, textures, and flavors. Here is what we have included in this hamper to please your palate?

  • Lovely Bake Studio Almond Roasted Cookies The home of Eggless baking-75g
  • Ferrero Rocher Crisp Hazelnut and Milk Chocolates Product of Italy -4 pieces
  • Tong Garden Salted Cocktail Nuts Product of Thailand -40g
  • Waffle Mill Caramel Stroop Wafel Gooey Chewy Waffle Cookie -30g
  • Davidoff Rich Aroma Masterpiece of Instant Ground Coffee Product of Switzerland-100g
  • LOYKA Almond Brittle Sinful Combination of Salty Caramel, Dark Choco and Roasted Almonds-16g
  • LOYKA Almond Brittle Sinful Combination of Salty Caramel, Dark Choco and Roasted Almonds-16g
  • LOYKA Almond Brittle Sinful Combination of Salty Caramel, Dark Choco and Roasted Almonds-16g
  • Yellow Bone China Mug


Please note that If any of the items displayed becomes unavailable, we will replace it with a similar item with the same or higher value.

The packaging displayed here is only for reference, we may change it as per the availability.”

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42 reviews for Coffee and Cookies Gift Hamper

  1. Vikas

    A very well known brand for a reason. The products are awesome. And pricing bis decent.

  2. Vikas

    I have never seen such great quality chocolate chips. Starbucks deserves a mention. Authentic product.

  3. Vikas

    Best kind of Italian coffee on offer. The price is reasonable too. Highly recommended.

  4. Vikas

    Wonderful things. The Starbucks chocolate chips and Starbucks almonds are great in taste! I would recommend.

  5. Vikas

    Starbucks almonds biscoti is very wonderful in taste. It justifies your money. I’m recommendable of it.

  6. Vikas

    I’m incredibly happy with the kind of Starbucks almonds. It is entirely adequate. Would propose it.

  7. Vikas

    Starbucks is my family’s most favored brand. Moreover, I am truly interested with Italian coffee on offer. I was unable to need anything over to propose it.

  8. Vikas

    Expecting you confide in me, Starbucks Italian espresso is a grand thing for you. It is strong, fortifying and adfictive. I would suggest.

  9. Vikas

    The Starbucks almonds biscoti is sublime in taste. I’m joined to it. Would propose it without any doubts.

  10. Vikas

    No where I have found till date such first class reusable paper cups. They are concealing evolving as well. As a matter of fact an irrefutable prerequisite have thing from Starbucks. I would to propose it.

  11. Vikas

    Strong and spellbinding. Starbucks is related to initially rate things. Whatever amount of I expected, it was better. I appreciated the Italian coffee.

  12. Vikas

    There is no denying how awesome food is open here. I’m incredibly enchanted with the kind of the Starbucks Almonds. It is so delightful. Would suggest it.

  13. Vikas

    Amazing items. The Italian coffee and Starbucks almonds are first class items without a doubt! I would suggest.

  14. Vikas

    I like Starbucks almonds biscoti. It is satisfactory in taste. I’m so recommendable of it.

  15. Vikas

    This is my genuine appraisal. I have never found such Innovative reusable and concealing changing cups ever beforehand. These things are genuinely cool. Besides, not expensive.

  16. Vikas

    Me and my darling adoration the Italian coffee found here. Starbucks is our most preferred brand. Furthermore, I am really stunned with something basically the same.

  17. Vikas

    Such delightful Starbucks Almonds! I’m very captivated with the taste. It is amazingly heavenly. Would recommend it.

  18. Vikas

    In case you are someone who loves Italian coffee, Starbucks Italian coffee is something sublime for you. Besides, I am also captivated with it. I would recommend.

  19. Vikas

    The Starbucks almonds biscoti is what I love. It is mind blowing in taste. I’m appended to it. Would recommend

  20. Vikas

    It transformed into a treat to appreciate! The Starbucks stewed cashew is awesome in taste. I’m genuinely astonished with it.

  21. Vikas

    Wonderful taste. I prefer the Starbucks stewed and salted almonds. I have it in a quick snacks at whatever point.

  22. Vikas

    As I might want to think, the Starbucks concealing changing reusable cup is an extraordinary thing. I’m genuinely captivated. I should endorse it to everyone I know.

  23. Vikas

    You can simply see the value in such luscious Chocolate chips at Starbucks. The things are incredible. Would most likely recommend.

  24. Vikas

    My young lady is enchanted with Italian coffee. Here at star bucks I can find genuine one. Would recommend it.

  25. Vikas

    It is past the domain of creative mind to hope to not see the worth in it! The Starbucks cooked cashew is astounding in taste. I’m truly captivated with it.

  26. Vikas

    So exceptional in taste. I savored the experience of the Starbucks stewed and salted almonds in a fast snacks with my loved ones. Firmly proposed.

  27. Vikas

    The Starbucks concealing changing reusable cups is an intriguing point. It is such a turn of events. I would recommend it to everyone I know.

  28. Vikas

    Starbucks chocolate chips, you can never go against it! I just love it. It can change your attitude any time. I’m genuinely happy to have found the delightful stuff.

  29. Vikas

    I’m enchanted with the gift hamper. The clarification I loved it more is that I like Star bucks coffee. I can’t recommend it more! Totally satisfied.

  30. Vikas

    I doubtlessly distinguished such a reusable cups I required. I’m genuinely glad that I could discover something faltering here. Also, not expensive. The Starbucks concealing changing and reusable cup is magnificent.

  31. Vikas

    Italian espresso was solid and captivating. Starbucks is identified with from the beginning class things. In like manner, I am genuinely enchanted with something on a main level something commensurate.

  32. Vikas

    There is incomprehensible stuff here. I’m incredibly enchanted with a particularly the Starbucks Almonds. It is noticeable. Would propose it.

  33. Vikas

    Here the things are amazing. Particularly the Italian espresso can pull in me more! I would recommend.

  34. Vikas

    In each snack I like Starbucks almonds biscoti. It is astonishing in taste. I’m vivaciously recommendable of it.

  35. Vikas

    This is far from ordinary. I found such Innovative reusable and concealing driving cups. These things are noteworthy. Also, not really inconsequential expensive.

  36. Vikas

    The Italian espresso found here is genuinely stimulating. Starbucks is known for its famous things. In like manner, I am really charmed with something fundamentally the equivalent.

  37. Vikas

    It is demanded that there is no method to overlook the delicious Starbucks Almonds. I’m captivated with the taste like all of my buddies by and large. It is so flavorful. Would propose it.

  38. Vikas

    It’s not possible for anyone to loathe Starbucks things. Moreover, I am proportionately orchestrated toward it. Here the things are mind blowing especially the chocolate chips. I would propose.

  39. Vikas

    It would be a genuine misunderstanding to negligence such scrumptious things. Salted almonds is the best one. Can’t demand more! Eagerly recommended.

  40. Vikas

    For the most part magnificent taste! The Starbucks cooked cashew is genuinely mesmerizing in taste. I’m really happy with it.

  41. Vikas

    Salted almonds are proper for every expedient goodies. These are especially delightful. I’m genuinely charmed with the stuff.

  42. Vikas

    The concealing changing reusable cup is an especially supportive thing. Through my eyes, it is an imaginative thing. I would give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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