Delightful Starbucks Gift Hamper

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Delightful Starbucks Gift Hamper

“This Delightful Starbucks Gift Hamper has been specially curated to tingle your taste buds and indulge your senses. It’s a combination of various tastes, textures, and flavors. Here is what we have included in this hamper to please your palate?

  • Ferrero Rocher Crisp Hazelnut and Milk Chocolates Product of Italy -4 pieces
  • Starbucks Hazelnut Chocolate Bites -50g
  • Starbucks Hazelnut Chocolate Bites -50g
  • Starbucks Roasted and Salted Cashews -50g
  • Starbucks Colour Changing Reusable Cups -710ml
  • Starbucks Almond Biscotti -50g
  • Starbucks Italian Roast Ready brew -25g
  • Loacker Quadratini Espresso Bite Size Wafer Cookies Crunchy, cube shaped espresso pleasure-110g
  • Starbucks Roasted and Salted Almonds -50g


Please note that If any of the items displayed becomes unavailable, we will replace it with a similar item with the same or higher value.

The packaging displayed here is only for reference, we may change it as per the availability.”

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108 reviews for Delightful Starbucks Gift Hamper

  1. Megha

    This is the best hamper to gift our loved ones. It has the combination of best chocolates and coffee to ease the taste buds. Very amazing.

  2. Arjun

    Very thankful to my brother as he gave me this hamper on my birthday. The almond biscotti and hazelnut chocolate bites are a treat that no one should miss

  3. Nikita

    Wow this hamper is just amazing. The Starbucks roasted cashew were a treat to remember. Very much happy after receiving it.

  4. Ankita

    Everyone must try this hamper as it has such awesome food products that leaves our taste buds with treat to savor

  5. Ritika

    Thank you Starbucks for the most tasty and yummy hazelnut chocolate bites. All the cookies taste good to. Very nice hamper

  6. Raja

    I have never seen any better currated gift hamper. The coffee and Ferraro Roche is most delightful combination. This box brings great happiness to everyone who has soft spot for coffee

  7. Nihal

    I am just happy that I got this marvellous hamper. It is very nicely currated with my favorite bites and cookies. I would recommend it to everyone

  8. Prakash Kumar

    My mother loved this gift hamper. It was the best mothers day gift as she love Starbucks Coffee. I would highly recommend this hamper to everyone

  9. Ranjeet

    This is one of the best hamper that Starbucks ever made. It’s very delicious and totally satisfying for a foodie like me.

  10. Neha

    I was trying to find the best gift for my sister for Rakshabandhan. She is an addict of startbucks so this hamper just made her very happy. One of the best gifting option.

  11. subhash

    Starbucks brand satisfied my with the price. all the items in this product is fabulous. you will surely going to love this product. this is the product as a gift hamper.

  12. Sneha

    This is the best hamper that i have ever received. The hazelnut chocolate bites were nicely cooked and very crispy. Yummiest and can be eaten anytime without any reason.

  13. Nidhi

    The way this hamper is curated is very impressive. It has some amazing flavors of coffee and almonds. Very tasty and good mood lifter.

  14. ronnie

    received this product on time. now i can impress my crush with this mazing product. she will surely going to love this gift hamper as there is no reason of hting this product.

  15. Raja

    The starbucks color changing reusable cups are very cute. I drink my morning coffee in that only. The italian ready brew is the best catch in this hamper.

  16. Rakesh

    I highly recommend this hamper to everyone as it has all the best cookies and almonds in them. Also Ferrero Rocher just blends in good with all other savories. My personal favorite is roasted and salted cashew.

  17. Purnima

    The salted almonds are very crispy. All products in this hamper are very refreshing. Best gift option for coffee and chocolate lovers. Is even worth for money spent.

  18. rocky

    amazing style of packaging. all the items of this product is cool. quantity is also satisfying of every product. thanks to the team.

  19. ronita

    got this product on time. i have tasted all the eatable items of this product. this product is really worth buying. you can surely refer to your near ones.

  20. monika

    this product is packed perfectly. all the items in this product is very attractive. quantity of every item of this product is also fine. enjoying the taste of this Starbucks Hazelnut Chocolate Bites

  21. ronit

    received this product yesterday and now half of the item is finished. the taste of this ferrero Rocher Crisp Hazelnut and Milk Chocolates Product of Italy is very amazing.

  22. sohan

    I gifted this product to my girlfriend and she loved it. the packing style is a very attractive. love the way they pack. all the flavors are really delicious. this gift hamper can impress your girl.

  23. soni

    wow! this Starbucks Roasted and Salted Almond is very tasty. different from normal almond. thanks to the team. never eat this type of almond.

  24. vipul

    this Delightful Starbucks Gift Hamper is perfect for girls. its packaging style will surely attract girls. perfect product. it has many items in it. this product is really fabulous.

  25. Dolly

    This gift hamper has got me addicted to Italian roast brew. It just tastes marvellous. My friend gifted me this and it was the best gift ever

  26. Akshita

    I have always been addicted to Starbucks and this hamper just made my lockdown much more better. It has all my favorite food.

  27. Varsha

    The new gift hamper launched by Starbucks is just very good and worth all the money spent. It also gives us this cute color changing Starbucks cup which is reusable

  28. Pratima

    I have tried many different flavors of bites but this Starbucks hazelnut chocolate bites is out of this world. I would recommend it to everyone

  29. Swati

    I recommend everyone to try this hamper from Starbucks once as all the products are amazing but Italian roast has a place in my heart for it’s flavours

  30. Monika

    This gift hamper is an amazing gift. It is memorable as the taste of almond biscotti stays in our mouth for very long time

  31. Mona

    This hamper is an awesome treat to our taste buds. It is a perfect combination of sweet and savory products that keeps us wanting more always.

  32. Kajal

    Wow the Italian roast ready brew is very tasty. All cookies and salted cashew just taste awsome.

  33. Alex

    I am very thankful for receiving this Starbucks Gift hamper. It has the best almond biscotti that I have ever tried I would recommend this hamper to everyone

  34. Sahil

    I gifted this hamper to my better half and she was happy. All the cookies made her very happy as she is a huge foodie. I would recommend this hamper to everyone

  35. Naveen

    No other hamper can compare to this one’s by Starbucks. This is very good and is worth all the money spent

  36. Navin

    I really loved this hamper. It’s made thoughtfully and has the most amazing espresso bites that I have ever ate.

  37. Sapna

    This gift hamper looks very beautiful and has such amazing savories. The salted cashew are my most favorite of them all

  38. DeepShikha

    One of the most amazing gift hamper. I would highly recommend this to everyone. The cookie taste like heaven.

  39. Arpita

    This is my most preferred gift hamper as it has so many variety of food products that are just delicious. Its very cute to give as gift

  40. Rajesh

    This hamper bought me so much happiness. It has all my favorite cookies and the raw brew has mesmerizing taste. Thank you Starbucks for creating this.

  41. Meera

    Starbucks always comes up with innovative ideas and hamper but this is by far the best that I have tried. Can’t get the taste of almond biscotti out of my tongue.

  42. Sonam

    I was very confused about gifting this to my mum. But when she tasted the espresso bites her eyes were filled with happiness and that made this hamper a very precious gift for her

  43. Raju

    I am just amazed by the taste of cookies and bites that this hamper has. They are all on of kind. Best gift ever

  44. Rinku

    The ready brew is amazing and can be made quickly. I would recommend everyone to try this hamper once.

  45. Sonjay

    Such an unique gift hamper created by Starbucks. All products are yumm and we can never go wrong with this for gifting.

  46. Sonu

    Yummy and delicious hamper. It’s also very budget friendly so everyone can gift it to their loved ones. Ideal gift for all occasions

  47. Soni

    Yummy and budget friendly her. It’s very budget friendly so I really like it.

  48. Palak

    My most favorite pick from this hamper is ferreroo rocher chocolate. They have very amazing taste and are not found easily. I prefer this hamper for everything you.

  49. Ankita

    In love with this cute hamper. All my favorite cookies and bites from Starbucks are available in this hamper. I would recommend this to everyone.

  50. Ajay

    With this hamper I recover the best Starbucks reusable cup. It changes its color which makes it mode unique and it’s very fun to use

  51. monti

    every one must buy this product atleast once. you will surely going to love this product. this product is at its best price & contain quality items. its delivery is also very fast.

  52. shyaam

    this Starbucks Colour Changing Reusable Cups is really unique. now i can enjoy my morning tea with this cup. i have invested my money on the right product.

  53. shalu

    i tried making coffee with this Starbucks Italian Roast Ready brew. really it increase the taste of coffee. never drink this type of coffee.

  54. anisha

    really its packing system is very impressive. they know how to impress their customers. all the products are also amazing. loving this product.

  55. anish

    i gave this product to my mother. she was very happy with this Starbucks Colour Changing Reusable Cups. it look really classy. now she can enjoy her tea.

  56. shiv

    bought this product for my son who is far away from me. he was very happy after receiving this product. he was telling me about its packing style.

  57. sudheer

    this product has many items in it and all the items are very beautiful. specially this Loacker Quadratini Espresso Bite Size Wafer Cookies.

  58. shivam

    gifted this to my wife. she is really enjoying the taste of this Starbucks Almond Biscotti. hurray! thanks to the team member.

  59. sandeep

    quantity & quality both is at its best. love its style of packing. surely going to tell every one about this lovely product.

  60. sudeep

    bought this product for my brother. he was very happy after receiving this product. he had tasted all the items. no wastage of money.

  61. mahesh

    i am pretty much sure that no one will regret buying this product. this product is really amazing. glad to buy this product.

  62. mahi

    how some one can pack these type of products so beautifully. all the items in this product is arranged perfectly. amazing product.

  63. mala

    i have referred all my friends to buy this product. this product is of utmost quality. love the way they pack this item.

  64. yati

    my father is very happy after receiving this product. he enjoyed the taste of every item in this product.

  65. yashi

    this product is packed perfectly & delivery is also on time. i am delighted to buy this product. thanks to the team.

  66. yash

    never felt so happy while buying any product. but this product got something that can enlighten your mind.

  67. rima

    bought this product for my girlfriend. she is very impressed with this product. this hamper can surely refreshed you.

  68. lucky

    happy to ordered this product. it contains amazing items in it. surely going to refer this product. it is also worth buying.

  69. sima

    love the taste of this Starbucks Roasted and Salted Almonds. it is very healthy. this product is really cool.

  70. ramu

    i am very happy to buy this product. the main thing about this product is its packing system and no doubt all the items are also very amazing.

  71. vikesh

    i gifted this product to my mom. she loved this product. this Starbucks Colour Changing Reusable Cups is her favorite item from this Delightful Starbucks Gift Hamper.

  72. bhanu

    the taste of this product is yummy. the packaging style is also eye catchy. i am totally amazed with this product. every one should try this product.

  73. veer

    i gifted this product to my daughter on her birthday. she loved this product. she enjoyed the taste of this Starbucks Hazelnut Chocolate Bites item.

  74. satyam

    lots of love to the team. impressive product & quality is also outstanding as compared to other products. i will also refer to my friends too to buy this amazing product.

  75. shanti

    i am totally refreshed while having the taste of this amazing Starbucks Almond Biscotti. this item is very healthy & tasty. delivery is also on time of this product.

  76. pragati

    this Ferrero Rocher Crisp Hazelnut and Milk Chocolates Product of Italy item is my favorite now. amazing taste. surely going to buy one more time.

  77. pragya

    best wishes from my side to the team. love the way they pack this product. all the items in this product is very delightful. quantity is also sufficient as per the price.

  78. surbhi

    this product totally made my day. i gifted this product to my wife who was angry with me and now she is happy with my gesture. credit goes to this product.

  79. simi

    my parents love this Delightful Starbucks Gift Hamper. it is totally amazed. this product has various items.

  80. simran

    this product is lovely & have several items. this product can be a perfect gift material.

  81. rakesh

    this Starbucks Hazelnut Chocolate Bites is very tasty. i cannot forget the taste of this item. this product is really attractive.

  82. Ajay

    This is the most thoughtful gift hamper that I have came across. It’s very sweet and savory at the same time. Very impressed with the packaging.

  83. Ankita

    I am very glad that my friend gifted me this hamper. Its just amazing and very tasty. Also the reusable cups are very adorable.

  84. Arpita

    Who could have thought that such amazing gift hamper can be made. Starbucks just outdone themselves. All the Cookies are good in taste

  85. Pratima

    This is the best Italian roast ready brew. It just gives perfect start to my dad with correct ampunt of my caffeine in my system.

  86. Arjun

    The packaging of the hamper was unique and an thoughtfully currated gift with best of Starbucks Coffee and cookies.

  87. Arjun

    Tastes like some luscious stuff. I would solidly propose their chocolate chips. Incredible item.

  88. Ajay

    I’m agreeable to giving full checks for the delectable stuff they offer. Chocolate chips, salted almonds and some more. It is so amusing to have discovered these things.

  89. Palak

    I’m pleasant to giving full recommendation to the heavenly stuff they offer. Chocolate chips, salted almonds and some more. It is so pleasant to have found these things.

  90. Arjun

    . I love the chocolate chips. An astounding product that comes from a heavenly brand. Highly recommended.

  91. Sonu

    If you have any questions about the products, the customer service would help effectively. And those or are really genuine. I would love to recommend.

  92. sonu

    I have purchased other hampers for gifting purpose too but, this hamper was the best curated of all. Very much satisfied with it. Thanks

  93. soni

    Starbucks almond biscotti and italian roast ready brew were few of my favorite products in the hamper. Thankyou so much

  94. Neha

    I loved this amazing hamper.. i purchased it to gift it to my best friend and she absolutely loved all the products in it..đź‘Ťđź‘Ť

  95. raja

    I am rating them 5 on 5 from my end. I would definitely suggest everyone to order their starbucks gift hampers for gifting in holiday seasons.

  96. arjun

    Starbucks is known for making different types of brews and deserts. I am highly delighted to have their gift hamper easily delivered in my place.

  97. sapna

    It is confirmed that there is no other like the tasty Starbucks salted Almonds. I’m enchanted with the taste like every one of my companions generally. It is so scrumptious. Would recommend it.

  98. sonam

    This is a long way from conventional. I have never seen such Innovative reusable and camouflaging driving cups before. These stuffs are earth shattering. Additionally, not actually superfluous costly.

  99. Nidhi

    One of the most amazing gift hamper. I would highly recommend this to everyone. The cookie taste like heaven.

  100. navin

    It is a very valuable product. The reusable cups that change colours change help to decorate as well as serve the purpose of a normal cup. Very good innovation.

  101. Raja

    My favorite hamper with all the food that I like. This hamper is too cute to miss so I treated myself by gifting it to me. Very happy with all cookies and cashew

  102. ritika

    Nothing can be compared with those delicious chocolate chips. The Starbucks cooked cashew is another amazingly tasty item. I’m genuinely enchanted and recommendable.

  103. kajal

    The salted almonds empowered me to have a tasty snacks with my loved ones. It is genuinely delicious. A great commitment from Starbucks.

  104. purnima

    I was unable to envision anything better than to recommend the Italian coffee as it has had the choice to make me feel particularly resuscitated. Totally wonderful thing. It merits 5/5 stars from me.

  105. raju

    Solid Italian espresso from Starbucks is the thing that my Dad needs to begin his day. It revives my brain incredibly as well. I’m exceptionally partial to it. Would suggest.

  106. Raju

    Considering all the pros and the cons, these products from Starbucks are cost effective and very valuable. The salted almond is just awesome.

  107. Rajesh

    Great job, Starbucks. Colour changing reusable cups are truly useful. It is a wonderful product. Only 5 stars ratings is not enough.

  108. sonam

    Truly incredible products. I love the chocolate chips to a degree! An excellent brand with marvelous items.

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