Gourmet Goodies Hamper

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Gourmet Goodies Hamper

This Gourmet Goodies Hamper has been specially curated to tingle your taste buds and indulges your senses. It’s a combination of various tastes, textures, and flavors. Here is what we have included in this hamper to please your palate

What’s inside the Hamper:

  • Almond Brittle Handmade Praline Chocolate-122g
  • 24 Mantra Organic Honey-250 g
  • Tong Garden Party Snacks-180 g
  • Gourmet’s Delite Chocolate Wafers-150g
  • Tong Garden Mexican Style Peanut 65g
  • Mayora Malkist Flavoured Cracker Biscuits 144g
  • Mr Makhana Roasted Flavored Makhana-25g
  • Loyka Almond Brittle- Roasted Almonds, Dark Chocolate & Caramel-17g
  • Wingreens A New Twist to Classic Naan Chips-60g
  • 4700 Bc Flavoured Gourmet Popcorn Himalayan Salt-45g
  • Recorn Makino Flavoured Corn Chips/Twisties-60 g
  • Gift Message Card
  • Silver Gift Basket with Red Bow-13*10*4

Additional information

Weight 5000 g
Dimensions 34 × 30 × 28 cm

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41 reviews for Gourmet Goodies Hamper

  1. Abraham Zaccagnini


  2. aayushi

    You can have a great time with family and friends when you have these tasty Chocolate chips in your snacks. It is very good and tasty. I am highly recommending these product………….s

  3. Arivarasu

    This is the best hamper that i have ever received. The hazelnut chocolate bites were nicely cooked and very crispy. Yummiest and can be eaten anytime without any reason.

  4. ramu

    Mesmerized by the taste I should have chocolate chips continually. I can’t neglect to recollect it. Amazing

  5. satyam

    You need to see the idea of Starbucks things. They are stunning and strong and consistent. I would recommend them.

  6. anushka

    The way this hamper is curated is very impressive. It has some amazing flavors of coffee and almonds. Very tasty and good mood lifter.

  7. Jyotsna

    You can use the resuable colour changing cups to decorate as well as a normal cup. It is truly out of this world! Very highly recommended.

  8. Kartar

    Nothing can compare those eminent chocolate chips. The Starbucks cooked cashew is another unfathomably luscious thing. I’m truly enchanted and recommendable.

  9. Supriya

    These resuable cups are incredibly tremendous. It keeps on awakening me for such a headway it shows. Grand stuff. Unimaginable thing.

  10. Rocky

    My sister loves Italian coffee and I love it too. It is very much refreshing. Can’t recommend it more!

  11. Arun

    These resuable cups are very significant. It keeps inspiring me for the kind of innovation it displays. Awesome stuff. Great product.

  12. shanti

    You can use the resuable concealing changing cups to improve similarly as a regular cup. It is truly astonishing! Energetically recommended.

  13. Kartik

    My kitchen and parlor territory looks sublime in view of this concealing changing reusable cups. They are shocking and pretty important. These are better than run of the mill cups. I. enchanted with the stuff.

  14. sankit

    I am enjoying tasty Chocolate chips from Starbucks. I would like to recommend you all the same. It is a cool product.

  15. charu

    This is the most thoughtful gift hamper that I have came across. It’s very sweet and savory at the same time. Very impressed with the packaging.

  16. Govind

    I was trying to find the best gift for my sister for Rakshabandhan. She is an addict of startbucks so this hamper just made her very happy. One of the best gifting option.

  17. Harsh

    You have to recognize the quality of Starbucks items. They are unbelievable and well prepared. I would recommend them.

  18. Harmendra

    The chocolate chips are extraordinary. I just love them. Would recommend it.

  19. neha jha

    All the components of the hamper are just mouthwatering. I tasted espresso cookies and it’s just amazing nothing like that I have ever had.

  20. Suparna

    Totally charmed! It is hard to skip Star bucks Italian espresso for even a day. It addictive n resuscitating. Would solidly propose.

  21. Kashinath

    The starbucks color changing reusable cups are very cute. I drink my morning coffee in that only. The italian ready brew is the best catch in this hamper.

  22. Joshita

    You can make some exceptional memories with friends and family when you have these delectable Chocolate contributes your goodies. It is fantastic and luscious. I’m emphatically proposing these thing.

  23. ramu

    My family is having a nice time with addition of salted almonds in the snacks. I am truly pleased. What amazing taste! Would surely recommend.

  24. Ojas

    Addition of some chocolate chips and satled almonds can change the game. Eat slowly and be confident.

  25. Jayamala

    No one can ignore Italian coffee. This is a solid refreshment. I am truly enjoying. Would recommend.

  26. Kashif

    Salted Almonds is my favourite. They are certainly tasty. Very well prepared too. And not too expensive.

  27. Bhagat

    Mesmerized by the taste I would like to have chocolate chips all the time. I can’t forget it. Awesome

  28. Bhairav

    The salted almonds are very crispy. All products in this hamper are very refreshing. Best gift option for coffee and chocolate lovers. Is even worth for money spent.

  29. soni

    It is just good fortune as I would say. I found these cool reusable cups that change colours. It is such innovative idea.

  30. Janya

    Following a hard tiring day, hazzle nut chocolate chips would be the amazing impacted pressing factor. Marvelous taste, staggering thing. Would recommend it.

  31. arpita

    My mother loved this gift hamper. It was the best mothers day gift as she love Starbucks Coffee. I would highly recommend this hamper to everyone

  32. Jayani

    I highly recommend this hamper to everyone as it has all the best cookies and almonds in them. Also Ferrero Rocher just blends in good with all other savories. My personal favorite is roasted and salted cashew.

  33. Jasoda

    Starbucks offered an extraordinary gift hamper. My allies loved it also. I like Star bucks coffee more than all else. I can’t recommend it more!

  34. Pragya

    Wow this hamper is just amazing. The Starbucks roasted cashew were a treat to remember. Very much happy after receiving it.

  35. prateek

    We gave this hamper as an farewell gift to our colleague and he was happy with it as he loves coffee. This hamper is an ideal gifting option for everyone.

  36. Jivika

    It’s not possible for anyone to neglect Italian coffee. This is a solid prize. I’m truly appreciating. Would recommend.

  37. pradeep

    All the almond biscotti I have ever has is nothing in comparison to the one in this hamper. All the cookies are very yummy and delicious.

  38. Jigya

    Inclusion of some chocolate chips and satled almonds in your snacks can change the game. Eat continuously and be certainly overjoyed.

  39. satyam

    I am lucky that I found such Innovative reusable and colour changing cups. These products are useful. And not very expensive.

  40. ronita

    This is the best hamper to gift our loved ones. It has the combination of best chocolates and coffee to ease the taste buds. Very amazing.

  41. veer

    I have never seen any better currated gift hamper. The coffee and Ferraro Roche is most delightful combination. This box brings great happiness to everyone who has soft spot for coffee

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