IRIS Reed Diffuser Ceramic Lavender Home Fragrances 60ml


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IRIS Reed Diffuser Ceramic Lavender

IRIS Reed Diffuser Ceramic Lavender, with their essential fragrance oil, adds charming notes to the air of your space. The reed diffuser sticks are porous by nature. Once immersed partially in a bottle of fragrance oil, the fragrance travels all the way up the reed. When it reaches the top of the reed the fragrance, ever so gently, wafts across the room.

  • The chic packaging of Iris Lavender Reed Diffuser presents an excellent choice of gift. The front-open view of the box shows your loved ones the simple and delicate beauty of the ceramic pot and the reed sticks used together. Iris Lavender Home Fragrance is enticing for those who love a home that radiates refinement and grandeur.
  • The luxury of using Iris Lavender Home Fragrance is that along with its calming effect on your mind it also adds elegance to the air, complementing the décor of your beautiful.
  • The soft fragrance greets everyone who comes home, especially guests, with a calming and relaxing ambiance. The lilting elegant scent spreads around your home for 24 hours, while the reed diffuser oil can last up to 30 days. In case the scent weakens, one can turn the stick upside down or replace them with new ones.
  • Created in India, the Iris Lavender fragrance is a herbal blend. One which has been cultured and tested over and over, until our perfumers were satisfied that the scent would suit the climate and taste of the country.
  • The porous quality of the Iris Reed Diffuser Sticks soak in the oil slowly and permeates the room with the Iris Lavender’s herbal fragrance. One can adjust the intensity of the aroma by adding or removing numbers of reed diffuser sticks as per the choice.


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