Tea Nuts and Waffles Hamper

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Tea Nuts and Waffles Hamper

This Tea Nuts and Waffles Hamper has been specially curated to tingle your taste buds and indulge your senses. It’s a combination of various tastes, textures, and flavors. Here is what we have included in this hamper to please your palate?

  • 4700 BC Gourmet Popcorn Himalayan Salt -30g
  • Gery- Gone Mad Dark Chocolate Crackers -110g
  • Goodwyn Assorted Collection Tea Bags -20 Tea Bags
  • Nutro Chocolate flavored cream wafers -150g
  • Oya Date Chocolate Coated Dates With Roasted Almonds -250g
  • Rostaa Peanut Butter Crunchy -340g
  • Sorriso Dry Fruits? -50g
  • Sorriso Nuts and Dried Fruits -200g
  • Tong Garden Cocktail Nuts -40g
  • Tong Garden Paprika Pumpkins -30g
  • Tong Garden Party Snacks -180g
  • Wafer Master Gofret Hazelnut -20g
  • Waffle Mill Caramel Waffles -40g
  • Waffle Mill Waffle Chips -85g


Please note that If any of the items displayed becomes unavailable, we will replace it with a similar item with the same or higher value.
The packaging displayed here is only for reference, we may change it as per the availability.

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40 reviews for Tea Nuts and Waffles Hamper

  1. atul

    i ordered this for my wife. she is very happy with this product. all the items in this product is of best quality. we both are satisfied with the product.

  2. aditya

    i have ordered many product online. but this product enlighten my heart. totally impressed with the style of packing the product. taste is also very good.

  3. amit

    my friend was angry with me so i gifted him this hamper as a gift. now i can see him smiling. satisfied with this product.

  4. amitosh

    wow! this product is delivered right on time. lovely packing style. i am fully impressed with the product. i am enjoying the taste of every item of this product.

  5. amisha

    really impressed with this product that has fabulous items in it. this hamper will surely excite you. i am enjoying the taste of Gery-Gone Mad Dark Chocolate Crackers.

  6. ankita

    this product is really worth paying.i got this product before its delivery date. the product includes amazing items with amazing taste. quantity is also enough.

  7. ankush

    lots of love from my side. this product made my day. i have ordered this product for my girlfriend. she was enlightened with this gift.

  8. milli

    this product is eye catchy. no one can denied to buy this fabulous hamper. this is perfect gift item for your partner. hats off to the company.

  9. namrata

    all the items in this product is tasty & delicious. they give variety of items with sufficient quantity. i am impressed with the management.

  10. avinabh

    love the way they pack the product. quantity of the product is also fine according to the price. surely going to buy another time.

  11. kriti

    perfect product to gift your dear ones. they will surely going to love it. the delivery is also on time. you can enjoy the taste of all the items in this hamper. totally worth it.

  12. avinash

    the product is full of combination. you can make tea with this Goodwyn Assorted Collection Tea Bags and also have chips with tea. fully satisfied with this product.

  13. krishna

    never though that this product will be so attractive. this product is more beautiful than in picture. all the items are tasty. quantity is also good as per the price.

  14. manisha

    I gifted this product to my best friend and she loved it. the packing style is attractive. love the way they pack. all the flavors are really delicious. thanks to the team.

  15. raj sah

    this product is very good & the quantity is more than enough.

  16. mohit

    love this product & its taste.

  17. ram

    taste of this product is very good.

  18. ramesh

    amazing taste & best product.

  19. sonali

    perfect taste for refreshing.

  20. deepa

    Gery- Gone Mad Dark Chocolate Crackers is amazing.

  21. deepak

    lovely taste & amazing flavors of this product.

  22. deepali

    gifted this product to my sister& now she is happy.

  23. raja

    love the taste of this Waffle Mill Waffle Chips, it is very cripsy.

  24. rajat

    my mother love this tea, nuts & waffles hamper.

  25. rakesh

    you will not get anything better than this. I gave this product to my friend & she was filled with joy.

  26. rupa

    the packaging of this product is attractive. the taste is awesome & also the delivery is on time.

  27. rupak

    i have never seen my mother so happy after receiving this product as a gift from me. i was a little bit confused about this product but now there is no confusion as my mother love this hamper.

  28. raushan

    this hamper has included many different items & one item that refreshed me is Nutro Chocolate flavored cream wafers. i have tasted many wafers but this chocolate flavored is amazing.

  29. mohini

    i have tasted the entire product & i can surely advice anyone to buy this product. the best part of this product is Tong Garden Party Snacks. i know this item can be used for parties but now it is empty.

  30. shristi

    i am looking for this type of hamper where i can find different items with supreme quality. quantity is also perfect according to the cost. thanks to the team member.

  31. mohan

    this Oya Date Chocolate Coated Dates With Roasted Almonds is very tasty and healthy. although all the product is very useful but this almond is amazing with chocolate coated in this. i wanted to gift these type of products to my parents.

  32. sanket

    i am in love with product. its packing system is amazing. i am surely going to refer to my friends also to buy this amazing product.

  33. manish

    i bought this product because i wanted to taste tea from this Goodwyn Assorted Collection Tea Bags. me & my family love this item. no doubt all the other products are also amazing but i am a tea lover.

  34. shruti

    the way they pack the product is really cool. the product is extra ordinary. i am delighted with each item of this product. 5 star rating is very less for this product.

  35. ajay

    received this product last night. in the morning i was enjoying the taste of this Gofret Hazelnut. my brother also had one bite. he loved the taste of this Gofret Hazelnut & finished all the items. now i have to ordered one more.

  36. akash

    no wastage of money. i will surely recommend all my friends to buy this product. this product can be a perfect gift for your loved ones with an affordable price. i have tasted all the items of this hamper. lovely taste!

  37. atif

    my wife generally never likes waffles, but this is the first time she has actually liked any waffles. i cant believe she ended up eating the entire item. she loved Gery- Gone Mad Dark Chocolate Crackers most.

  38. akshay

    it was my first date & i wanted to gift something unique to my partner & not a rose. i brought this gift hamper. she was delighted after receiving many delicious items. my date was successful.

  39. rama

    yummy! i am looking for this type of product which must contain different items. i tasted the dry fruits of this hamper & loved the taste. i cannot wait to finish this all.

  40. sameer

    i have tasted every item of this product. this product will surely satisfied you. you can buy this hamper without any hesitation.

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