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This hamper has been specially curated to tingle your taste buds and indulge your senses. It’s a combination of various tastes, textures, and flavors. Here is what we have included in this hamper to please your palate?

  • 24 Mantra Organic Infusing Revitalizing -37.5g
  • Brewhouse Organic Ice Tea -300ml
  • Gery- Gone Mad Premium Wafer Rolls Almond Cream -100g
  • Jacker Wafer Cube Tiramisu -100g
  • Loacker Quadratini Dark Chocolate Cookies -250g
  • Rostaa Sliced Cranberries -200g
  • Sapphire Chocochip Cookies -150g
  • Sorriso Nuts and Dried Fruits -200g
  • Tong garden salt peanut -42g
  • Tong Garden Salted Sunflower -30g
  • Waffle Mill Caramel Waffles -40g
  • Waffle Mill Waffle Chips -85g
  • Wingreens Naan Chips -60g

Please note that If any of the items displayed becomes unavailable, we will replace it with a similar item with the same or higher value.
The packaging displayed here is only for reference, we may change it as per the availability.

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41 reviews for Sweet & Savoury Basket

  1. sakshi

    i bought this product for my Great Grandma who lives in Banglore. She called me last night and said it was the best gift basket she has seen in her entire life.

  2. arya

    wow! quantity is more than enough of this product. i am satisfied with this product. i will refer this to my friends also.

  3. rita

    this product brings smile to my face. this is a perfect product which have various items in it. quantity of each item of this product is enough.

  4. aryan

    the taste of this Wingreens Naan Chips is unique & also very tasty. love this product. its packing style is also very good.

  5. ritu

    i have never taste this type of waffles. this Waffle Mill Caramel Waffles is very tasty and all other items are are cool. i am totally satisfied with this product.

  6. vaibhav

    all the items in this product is very productive. this Brewhouse Organic Ice Tea is very cool. you can enjoy your tea with this brew. best product at an affordable price.

  7. raani

    this product is of another level. i am delighted with this type of packing. love to buy another time.

  8. vaibhav

    this is a wonderful product. their packing management is really cool. love this product very much. going to gift this to my parents. they will be amazed.

  9. bantu

    this Loacker Quadratini Dark Chocolate Cookies can be a great combination with tea. i have tried it. suggesting others also to try this. lovely product.

  10. vaani

    never seen any product like this. different from others. this is a wonderful product. price is also good as per the quality of the items.

  11. kamla

    bought this for my mother as a birthday gift. she was very happy after receiving this. amazing packing. all the items of this product is arranged perfectly.

  12. kamlesh

    no compromised has been done with the quality. i am impressed with this product. delivery is also on time. thanks to the team.

  13. binod

    amazing product & lovely packing. quantity & quality is also perfect. perfect product for giving as a gift. i am satisfied with this product.

  14. bittu

    all the items in this product is very cool specially this Wingreens Naan Chips. this item is very crispy. i am very happy after receiving this product.

  15. santosh

    this Sweet & Savoury Basket is very cool to gift someone. i bought this product for my self & now i am going to buy another for my girlfriend. she will be happy after getting this.

  16. siddharth

    their packing style is different from others & i love this product very much. i am going to refer this product to my friends they will also feel happy by this product.

  17. sandeepa

    this product is worth buying. it contains various delicious items. i like Waffle Mill Caramel Waffle the most from this product.

  18. sweety

    this Rostaa Sliced Cranberries is totally amazing. i have never eaten this type o cranberries. feeling happy after buying this product.

  19. rishav

    gifted this product to my sister. she felt very happy after receiving this product. she loved this Sorriso Nuts and Dried Fruits .

  20. naman

    this Loacker Quadratini Dark Chocolate Cookies are the best in this product. packing style is also very amazing. all the other items are also good.

  21. nanhi

    love this product. this product is really great. all the items in this product are perfect. delivery is also on time.

  22. anita

    i gifted this basket to my girlfriend on our first date. she was surprised with its wrapping style. she loved all the items in this product.

  23. ajit

    i bought this product for my mother on the occasion of Diwali. i have seen smile when i gifted her this. she told me that she love this basket.

  24. aarti

    i had a fight with my brother so i planned to gift this product to him. now he is not angry with me. he also shared the chips with me.

  25. aarav

    my daughter was sad as she got very less marks in school. i thought to gift this basket so change her mood. plan totally worked. she was very happy with this product.

  26. hritik

    i bought this basket for my son who lives in delhi. he told me on the phone that he loves this product. i am happy that my son liked my gift.

  27. saksham

    i bought this product to give it a try. and i am happy that i invested my money on the right product. i was not sure before buying this product. but now i am satisfied.

  28. varun

    first time i saw this product in my friend home. i also wanted to try this product as he was praising for this product. really this product is very good.

  29. saket

    i bought this product for my girlfriend. all her friends were praising me that i have a good choice on choosing gift.

  30. chotu

    this is for the first time my father gave any positive review on the online product. this product has surely something special that my father can not stop himself for sharing his reviews. thanks to the team

  31. lavinder

    this product has many variety, quantity is also enough. perfect product. i am planning to buy one more for my sister too.

  32. lavisha

    wow! this basket is very classy. this can be a perfect welcoming gift. you can gift this basket to your guest.

  33. vishnu

    i gifted this product to my school teacher on teacher’s day. she loved my gift most. this give me full satisfaction. she was praising me in the whole class.

  34. mahinder

    after many months i visited my uncle. i gifted him this basket. he was very surprised with this product. he told me that this is a lovely gift.

  35. vishal

    my grand parents felt so happy when i gifted this basket to them. my grand father is very fond of chocolate. he enjoyed this Loacker Quadratini Dark Chocolate Cookies.

  36. karan

    very nice basket. i gifted this to my friend who invited me in dinner to celebrate his promotion. he felt very happy and thank me many times.

  37. kartik

    my boss invited me in dinner. i gifted this basket as a present. he was happy with my gesture. he told me that he was impressed with this product.

  38. dinesh

    bought this product as a return gift for my guest who came to my birthday party. they all were giving positive reviews about this product.

  39. dablu

    i bought this product for my daughter as a gift. she loved this product. she is in hostel and due to corona she can not come home. least i can do is to send her a gift. and she told me that this is the perfect gift.

  40. rajat

    this Sweet & Savoury Basket is very amazing. various items are packed in this product. i really liked it.

  41. kavita

    my parents are in different city because of this covid. i planned to gift them this basket. they were happy after receiving this product. my father told me that he will enjoy chips with his morning tea.

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