Ultimate Indulgence Gift Hamper

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Ultimate Indulgence Gift Hamper

This hamper has been specially curated to tingle your taste buds and indulge your senses. It’s a combination of various tastes, textures, and flavors. Here is what we have included in this hamper to please your palate?

  • 4700 BC Gourmet Chocolate Popcorn -125g
  • American Delight Basil Seed Drink -290ml
  • Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates -16 pieces
  • Goodwyn Assorted Collection Tea Bags -20 Teabags
  • Loacker Quadratini – Dark Chocolate Wafer Cookies -250g
  • Oya Date Chocolate Coated Dates With Roasted Almonds -250g
  • Paper Boat Coconut water -200ml
  • Recorn Makino Corn Twist Pizza Flavour -60g
  • Rostaa Sliced Cranberries -200g
  • Tong Garden Party Snacks -180g
  • Tong Garden Salted Sunflower -30g

Please note that If any of the items displayed becomes unavailable, we will replace it with a similar item with the same or higher value. The packaging displayed here is only for reference, we may change it as per the availability.

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37 reviews for Ultimate Indulgence Gift Hamper

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