24 Mantra Organic Honey 250g

100% Organic Honey
It is organic yet tasty.
It is very nourishing


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24 Mantra Organic Himalayan Honey

24 Mantra Organic Himalayan Honey from its organic section, presents delicious Himalayan multi flower honey from the pristine mountains of Himalaya.
It is produced using naturally extracted honey from different flowers found in Himalayan ranges. It has high nutritional values and is used for many purposes.
This multi flower honey is used in baking products and confectionaries. This organic and pure Himalayan multi flower honey by 24 mantra organic is mild and sweet.
It is filtered and tested for purity and packed in its pure and uncontaminated form without any addition of artificial preservatives and sugar.
It is useful for treating respiratory problems, cough, cold and other allergies. Daily consumption of honey will ensure good health. “

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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 15 cm