Elegance Gift Hamper

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This hamper has been specially curated to tingle your taste buds and indulge your senses. It’s a combination of various tastes, textures, and Flavors. Here is what we have included in this hamper to please your palate.

Rostaa Gourmet Berrylicious 200g
Binge Bites Premium Dark Almond Rocks Chocolate 100g
Nutella Hazelnut Cocoa Spread 350g
Sapphire Choco Chip Cookies in premium Tin packaging 150g
Sapphire Magic Stix Chocolate Hazelnut in Tin box packaging 200g
24 Mantra Organic Honey 250g
Jacker Wafer Cube Tiramisu 140g
American Delight Basil Seed Drink 300ml
Jabsons flavoured Roasted Peanuts 140g
Mayora Malkist Flavoured Cracker Biscuits 144g
Recorn Makino Flavoured Corn Chips/Twisties 60g
Gift Message Card
Silver Gift Basket With Red Bow 36*23*10

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Weight 5000 g
Dimensions 34 × 30 × 28 cm

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40 reviews for Elegance Gift Hamper

  1. Akalka

    I gifted this hamper to my better half and she was happy. All the cookies made her very happy as she is a huge foodie. I would recommend this hamper to everyone

  2. Lakshana

    Such an amazing hamper. It’s perfect gift for our loved ones. My mother was impressed with this as it gifted it to her on mothers day

  3. Mihika

    This gift hamper is an amazing gift. It is memorable as the taste of almond biscotti stays in our mouth for very long time

  4. Vishvajit

    This gift hamper has got me addicted to Italian roast brew. It just tastes marvellous. My friend gifted me this and it was the best gift ever

  5. Mayank

    The Italian coffee made my day! It is truly invigorating. Starbucks is known for its special items. In a way, I am genuinely fond of the same. Very good products..

  6. Umashankar

    Unboxing this hamper was so much fun. Each cookie were tasting better and better. Can’t have enough of them.

  7. Ankit Acharya

    I would like to for being so attentive to my order. The hamper was well received without any damages and all items are exactly as was advertised on their website.

  8. Lajwati

    I love how Starbucks innovates. This hamper is very unique and the products are assorted by correctly balancing the sweet and savory

  9. Madhup

    My friend gifted me this hamper and it is just super cute. All the bites are very crispy and tasty. Perfect blend of all cookies and salted cashew and almond is found here

  10. Vishesh

    I have tried many different flavors of bites but this Starbucks hazelnut chocolate bites is out of this world. I would recommend it to everyone

  11. Vishva

    I have always been addicted to Starbucks and this hamper just made my lockdown much more better. It has all my favorite food.

  12. Tripti

    Once I tasted the salted almond it was very good. They complemented my brew perfectly. This hamper is the best gift that I gave myself.

  13. Yatindra

    It is affirmed that there is no procedure to disregard the flavorful Starbucks Almonds. I’m charmed with the taste like all my friends to a large extent. It is so tasty. Would propose it.

  14. Vishram

    No one can hate Starbucks items. Besides, I am comparably orchestrated toward it. Here the things are mind blowing especially the chocolate chips. I would propose

  15. Sunila

    Very thankful to my brother as he gave me this hamper on my birthday. The almond biscotti and hazelnut chocolate bites are a treat that no one should miss

  16. Kareem

    I am just happy that I got this marvellous hamper. It is very nicely currated with my favorite bites and cookies. I would recommend it to everyone

  17. Janani

    This is one of the best hamper that Starbucks ever made. It’s very delicious and totally satisfying for a foodie like me.

  18. Akhila

    I am very thankful for receiving this Starbucks Gift hamper. It has the best almond biscotti that I have ever tried I would recommend this hamper to everyone

  19. Jigya

    The gift hamper is perfect all the way around and all keep it up guys always.

  20. Madhukar

    I highly recommend this hamper by Starbucks as their products are very tasty and always brings happiness whenever we gift it to someone.

  21. Virochan

    I recommend everyone to try this hamper from Starbucks once as all the products are amazing but Italian roast has a place in my heart for it’s flavours

  22. Bhawana Yadav

    EXCELLENT communication from the business, quick to respond. Will use again!

  23. Martanda

    Wow the Italian roast ready brew is very tasty. All cookies and salted cashew just taste awsome.

  24. Chiraj Patel

    My daughter was not able to come to celebrate Christmas this year. So we plan we gift her a present. Have spent more than an hour selecting a gift for her but nothing found. Then one of my family members suggests this site. After visiting this site I was so glad to see the kind of stuff for gifting they are providing is really appreciating. So I purchase one for my daughter. When she received the hamper. She called me up and said, “hey dad this is the most beautiful gift that I have ever got”. I really like the services. Thank you TheGifttree.

  25. Sunetra

    No other hamper can compare to this one’s by Starbucks. This is very good and is worth all the money spent

  26. Sunila

    This is my most preferred gift hamper as it has so many variety of food products that are just delicious. Its very cute to give as gift

  27. Joshita

    This gift hamper looks very beautiful and has such amazing savories. The salted cashew are my most favorite of them all

  28. Suneeti

    Just amazing !!!! No other words can describe this hamper. The Italian roast really brew always gives the perfect kick start to our morning that we need.

  29. Sunita

    Everyone must try this hamper as it has such awesome food products that leaves our taste buds with treat to savor

  30. Kamana

    In every nibble I enjoyed Starbucks almonds biscoti. It is astounding in taste. I’m anxiously recommendable of it.

  31. Akshita

    In every snacks I enjoy Starbucks almonds biscoti. It is astonishing in taste. I’m eagerly recommendable of it.

  32. Karan

    Thank you Starbucks for the most tasty and yummy hazelnut chocolate bites. All the cookies taste good to. Very nice hampe

  33. Yoganand

    The new gift hamper launched by Starbucks is just very good and worth all the money spent. It also gives us this cute color changing Starbucks cup which is reusable

  34. Vishal

    The Italian espresso found here is really refreshing. Starbucks is known for its superb products. In like manner, I am truly enraptured with something essentially the equivalent

  35. Kamalini

    I really loved this hamper. It’s made thoughtfully and has the most amazing espresso bites that I have ever ate.

  36. Harsha

    My friend suggested me to try their gift hamper which was very good and pleasant all the way.

  37. Akriti

    This hamper is an awesome treat to our taste buds. It is a perfect combination of sweet and savory products that keeps us wanting more always.

  38. Ajeeta

    No one can loathe Starbucks items. Plus, Here the products are mind blowing, particularly the chocolate chips. I would recommend it.

  39. Milana

    This is far from ordinary. I discovered such Innovative reusable and disguising driving cups. These things are momentous. Moreover, not really unnecessary expensive.

  40. Anubha Jasodiya

    Thank you team for your prompt replies to my emails and for ensuring that everything went well.

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