Starbucks Iconic Mug & Premium Coffee Hamper

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Iconic Mug Premium Coffee Hamper

This Iconic Mug Premium Coffee Hamper has been specially curated to tingle your taste buds and indulge your senses. It’s a combination of various tastes, textures, and flavors. Here is what we have included in this hamper to please your palate?

What’s Inside the Gift Hamper:

  • Starbucks Iconic Siren Mug-355ml
  • Davidoff Rich Aroma Masterpiece Of Instant Ground Coffee Product Of Switzerland-100 g
  • Zevic Belgian Couverture Chocolate Sugar Free With Organic Turkish Hazelnuts-90g
  • Rostaa Gourmet Berrylicious | Sweet and Delicious Treats of Dried Assorted Berries-200 g
  • Happilo Premium Cashew Nuts-200gm
  • Loyka Almond Brittle Combination of Roasted Almonds caramel and Dark Chocolate Handmade Praline Chocolate-192g
  • Iris Reed Diffuser Set with pot, reeds & Fragrance- Lemon Grass
  • Loacker Quadratini Double Choco Wafer Cookies | A crispy and chocolatey combination to double the goodness!-125 g
  • Monsoon Harvest Millet Museli – Dry Fruits & Nuts-250g
  • 4700 Bc Gourmet Nutty Tuxedo Chocolate Popcorn with delicious caramel -125 g
  • Starbucks Roasted And Salted Cashews-50g
  • Starbucks Salted Almond Chocolate Bites-50g
  • Tong Garden Super Quality Party Snack Product of Thailand-180 g
  • Golden Gift Basket with Red Bow
  • Gift Message Card

Important Note:

Please note that If any of the items displayed in the Iconic Mug Premium Coffee Hamper becomes unavailable, we will replace it with a similar item with the same or higher value. The packaging displayed here is only for reference, we may change it as per the availability.

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Weight 5000 g
Dimensions 34 × 30 × 28 cm

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40 reviews for Starbucks Iconic Mug & Premium Coffee Hamper

  1. Prabha

    Truly mind blowing things extraordinarily, the chocolate chips somewhat! An incredible brand, Starbucks. I am really impressed.

  2. Rajshree

    The delicious Chocolate chips are appreciable. Great in taste. I would suggest it.

  3. Akhil

    My review is about the salted almonds is positive. They are feasible and truly huge. The salted almond is essentially a must have.

  4. Abhinav

    I adore the Italian espresso. It is simply great. Extremely invigorating…

  5. Supriya

    It is time to share the true fact about Starbucks’ Italian coffee. In simple terms it is the best kind of Italian coffee ever seen. I am in favour of recommending it as much as possible.

  6. Simran

    You have to consider these chocolate chips. They can make your snacks a heavenly affair. Best product.

  7. Abhinav

    Awesome salted almonds, chocolate chips, Italian coffee and more. These things from Starbucks are really commendable. I would propose it.

  8. Tejal

    Italian espresso from Starbuck is solid and reinforcing as per me. Would suggest it. I would give it full marks.

  9. Vivekanand

    A very notable brand on purpose. The items are great. Furthermore, valuing is fair.

  10. Pratiksha

    These products from Starbucks are genuinely a class apart. I don’t have a particularly favourite item. They unquestionably justifies more than 100 stars.

  11. Ankit

    So delicious stuff! And the awesome service makes me go crazy about Starbucks. Nothing more I need to ask! Undeniably recommended.

  12. Himanshu

    I have had a great time… These products are great. I would strongly recommend them.

  13. Mansi

    Generally excellent brand , Starbucks. Much grateful to you for giving us useful and creative products. The reusable cups are most creative ones. Would whole heartedly propose.

  14. Pooja

    Starbucks is a mainstream brand that offers truly significant items. Be it resuscitating Italian espresso or anything like reusable cup you have plenty of significant stuff. Would absolutely suggest .

  15. Gayathri

    The salted almonds are my favourite item. I really adore it ! A magnificent one in actuality

  16. Anwar

    They offer Chocolate chips, salted almonds and some more. It is so interesting to have found these things. Strongly recommend it.

  17. Girish

    The client support is adequately effective. Also, those products are truly veritable. I couldn’t imagine anything better than to suggest.

  18. Gaurav

    Hazle nut chocolate chips is my top pick. 5/5 stars from me. It is a great product.

  19. Aniruddha

    Starbucks roasted and salted almonds are my favourite of all the other products in this beautiful hamper. Thanks

  20. Afzal

    It is only a supernatural occurrence to have found the tasty treats! My snacks are insufficient without these Starbucks treats. I’m genuinely getting a charge out of these scrumptious stuffs.

  21. Aditi

    I have enjoyed the tasty Chocolate chips. They are really cool in taste. I would recommend it.

  22. Swati

    It didn’t take long for my wife to develop an exceptional inclination for Italian coffee. The Italian coffee from Starbucks is surely proposed. Spectacular thing.

  23. Ganesh

    These chocolate chips can certainly make your snacks a sublime undertaking. Best item

  24. G

    The hazle nut chocolate chips carries me to Starbucks consistently. It is delicious. An authentic item.

  25. Rajeev

    In very short time, I started to love the Italian coffee. It is just awesome. Very very refreshing…

  26. Jaya

    There is no vulnerability about shading changing reusable cups being creative. Inventive without a doubt. No other thing can match it.

  27. Atul

    I was unable to need anything over to propose those colour changing reusable cups . Unimaginably inventive irrefutably. No other thing can measure up.

  28. Hari

    You can build up an extraordinary tendency for Italian espresso. The Italian espresso from Starbucks is something that is unquestionably proposed. Something noteworthy without a doubt.

  29. Kiran

    The Starbucks salted almonds are the awesome. I think their technique for preparation is really professional! Sublime stuff.

  30. Keerthi

    I have considered all of the virtuosos and the cons, these things from Starbucks are astute and altogether critical. The salted almond is just superb.

  31. Lakshya

    Cheerful about the delicious treats! I’m truly impressedwith the stuff they offer. Would suggest them.

  32. Shubham

    Starbucks Chocolate chips have become a normal and regular component of my snacks. My entire family loves it. I would recommend it to everyone I know.

  33. Abhinav

    I have never seen such incredible quality products. Starbucks merits a notice. Truly classic items.

  34. Dinesh

    I have had an extraordinary time… These items are incredible. I would emphatically suggest them.

  35. Pawan

    Tastes like some delectable stuff. I would emphatically propose their chocolate chips. Unbelievable thing.

  36. Sandeep

    I have no words to offer my thanks! The chocolate chips, salted almonds from Starbucks are truly irresistible. I’m truly enraptured.

  37. Jyoti

    You can get such restoring Italian espresso at this spot as it were. I’m truly dazzled with the outcomes. Would suggest it.

  38. Praveen

    Best chocolate chip in the market. It is such delicious stuff. I would unequivocally propose it.

  39. Sneha

    These chocolate chips from star bucks are shrewd and tasty. It would help you enjoy your snacks without putting a ton of weight on your wallet. They are excitedly proposed.

  40. Vikas

    I gaved this hamper to my mother on the occasion of Mother’s day. The smell of the diffuser was too good. She liked the hamper very much and the way it was gift-wrapped. I must say the selection of the product is too good. Great products, value for money highly recommended.

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