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The Most Thoughtful, Practical and Inexpensive Corporate Gifts!

Corporate Gift Hamper

Inexpensive Corporate Gift Hamper

Sending a thoughtful gift to your client is a great way of showing that you care and appreciate them. Smart Corporate Gifts can provide exceptional return on investment, But the only challenge is finding the perfect corporate gift for your clients. Most people spend hours searching for the perfect gift that is thoughtful, presentable, unique, customization and pocket friendly. Those who want to go beyond flowers and chocolates find Gourmet Gift Hampers most practical, relevant and useful for the recipient.
We have listed 10 reasons why Gourmet Corporate Gift Hampers by The Gift Tree are the perfect corporate gifts for your clients-

1. They have something for everyone

You may know your clients, their teams and their businesses well but do you know their personal preferences? What size of shirt they wear, what type of accessories they like or what are their food preferences? Most of the people don’t have answers to these questions so when it comes to sending a gift for the client, they feel stuck and end up sending an unimpressive, useless gift, which the client may forget in a few days. in such situations, Gift hampers can be an amazing choice, they have so many different items in them that your client will definitely love some of those delicacies.

2. They stand out from the rest

Be it an occasion like Diwali or New Year, an achievement of your client like an award or recognition or his/her Birthday, chances are he/she is going to receive gifts from various parties, and in the absence of any creative gifting ideas most of them are going to stick to flower bouquets and cakes, and probably your client is receiving the same bouquets and cakes since many years, so the challenge is how do you stand out? Sending a bigger or better bouquet will not win you any appreciation, but a thoughtfully packed Gift Hamper can, imagine a beautifully packed Gourmet Gift hamper stuffed with some truly amazing goodies, in the midst of all those flowers and cake boxes, what do you think your client will notice first and reach out for.

3. They incorporate your brand thoughtfully

There are so many ways of branding the gift hampers, you can imprint your logo on the gift box, wrap it up with a customized ribbon, add a customized tag to it or add some custom printed items like mugs, pens, diaries etc. in the hamper. Unlike some other gifting options, gift hampers give you the flexibility of adding your brand in such a way that it gets noticed but at the same time doesn’t diminish the value of the gift

4. High perceived value

A hamper contains so many thoughtful, innovative and unique items that it is almost impossible to guess its price. And the attractive packaging takes its perceived value to another level. Hence the Corporate Gift Hampers fit every budget and have high perceived value.

5. Saves a lot of Time and money

You don’t have to spend time to pick different items for different clients. Gift Hampers are unisex, they have something for everyone, they please the palettes of people of all age groups, they are loved by people of all ethnicities and religions making them the easiest gifts to pick.

6. A perfect gift for someone who has everything

Have you ever wondered what to gift to someone who seems to have everything? A google search will show you ideas on gifting experiences, but again most of the experiences depend on personal preferences and some of them fail to meet the budget. Whereas, The Gift Tree Hampers help you gift a perfect gourmet experience to your clients and employees, they are easily available, fit every budget and never fail to delight the recipient. This is something that your recipients are going to cherish for a long time.

7. Gifts for the team or unknown person

If you have an event or a contest in your organization, and you are planning to give a gift to the entire team, then there really aren’t many options available. In such situations gift hampers make for the perfect gift, they get loved, shared and discussed.

8. They don’t get regifted

You want your clients to use the gifts given by you so they associate the happiness of using the gifts with your brand. You want to stay on top of their mind when it comes to the business. Industry research shows that most of the corporate gifts are either re-gifted by the recipients or are put away by them in some corner to be used at a later date. But with Gift hampers there is an 80% chance that the recipient will use it and not just use it but will cherish it.

9. They keep the surprise element of gifting intact

Gift hampers are full of so many unique, unexpected and interesting things that your recipient sure will not be able to keep his/her hands away from it for a long time. Imagine the happiness a person feels when they receive a beautiful package with many scrumptious items in it, the excitement of unwrapping an interesting item, the delectable taste and the eagerness to open another item…..They are just going to love it and you too.

10. Make strong memories

According to a research published by Susan Whitborne, professor of psychological and brain sciences at the University of Massachusetts “Food memories are more sensory than other memories in that they involve really all five senses, so when you’re that thoroughly engaged with the stimulus it has a more powerful effect.” Do we need to say more? has good variety of , we also customize the hampers as per our clients’ requirements and various types of branding solutions are also available.
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